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The Inspection Is Only a Portion of the Appraisal Process

Properties can be of any shape, size or complexity to appraise and it all matters. Inspections can take anywhere from an hour to multiple hours to inspect the property.  Some people might think that this is all there is to it.  The appraiser shows up, they look and boom bam an appraisal is born. The truth is, is that this is only the beginning.  Appraisers must do extensive research after the fact analyzing similar properties in your area, demographics, life style, costs, rental information, etc... Finally, they write a report on their findings. The inspection is just the beginning of an appraisal process that may take several days or even weeks.


Make sure your appraiser is experienced in every property.


Use a qualified individual who knows what they are doing.  Commercial appraisal is especially important to find the right individual.


Once you have found the right individual you can feel confident in your property investment.

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Be truthful and do not Misrepresent the Facts

Appraisers are professional at analysis and ultimately skeptics. They will analyze and seek the truth no matter what you tell them from other sources. Some appraisers even go as far as asking questions they already know the answer to just to test your credibility. Even though it is unlikely, appraisers can be taken to court where they have to defend their decision and appraisal of a property if it is proven wrong.

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Appraisers Must Adhere to a Strict Code of Ethics

Since Appraisers can be taken to court based on their report, They are forced to follow a strict Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, at all times they must be as unbiased as possible. Do not ask them to do things that might put their license at risk.  It is uncommon they will, but doing so puts the appraiser in a disconcerting situation.




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I love my commercial appraiser.  They have been able to help my business investments be secured from the start.

Matt Brown

I do hard money loans.  Having an appraiser I can trust has never been more important for securing my money lending.

Jack Smith

I am a real estate appraiser and only licensed to do single family residences.  Commercial is a whole other ball game.  Make sure you choose one you can trust.

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